Redneck Blinds

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The Buck Palace Platinum 360° 6X6 Blind sets the standard for comfort and usability among deer blinds. Combine the 46” tall vertical windows, with large oversized horizontal windows and roomy interior, and you have the ultimate blind for compound bow, crossbow or gun hunting.

This combination of size and window functionality gives you plenty of room, visibility and angles to make a perfect shot when the animal your hunting presents itself. Plenty of room for up to 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children.

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Redneck Blinds

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The Outfitter HD Bale Blind is the perfect 2-3 person ground blind to use whether you are big game hunting, turkey hunting, predator hunting, scouting, or just want a dry, comfortable place to enjoy and film nature.

The 6ft width allows for extra room for camera man or extra gear when two people are bow hunting.
Deer, turkey, and other animals adapt almost immediately to the blinds when set up. Even in areas where they are not used to seeing hay bales there is something about the natural material and shape that do not make wildlife nervous. Customers repeatedly say they put the blind up in the morning and literally have deer and other game coming within range by the afternoon. The blind also aids greatly in scent containment.

The Outfitter HD Bale Blind is built tough and strong to withstand the harshest of conditions.

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